“We need coaches more than counselors,” says Arfeen Khan

Wednesday 09th October 2019 17:01 EDT

A life coach, an author or a world-renowned certified business mentor. Arfeen Khan is a man with many feathers on his hat as he coaches and helps over 500,000 people across 43 countries to overcome their emotional and professional struggles in life through his seminars. He does not identify himself as someone who changes people instead he emphasises that he helps people by changing their “perspective towards life”.

“It is okay to lounge in bed for one whole day. We all have those days and yes, millennials dip into depressive phases more often than others. But that does not necessarily mean we are going through a mental breakdown. It simply means we need some help.

“The first step in achieving that help is by going out and talking to people. Today, we need more coaches who can help us navigate what we want in life as opposed to counselors,” says Arfeen.

Arfeen believes there are simple silver bullet solutions to solve all problems whether they are related to work or whilst dealing with complicated relationships. Identifying and understanding the end goal, staying focussed on achieving the said goal and ultimately taking ownership of ourselves can help resolve most of our everyday challenges. Today, most people in life, struggle with the management of their money and finances. They keep looking for ways to become rich but inevitably fail. In his book The Secret Millionaire Blueprint, he divulges secret tips around thinking like a millionaire and shares common behavioural traits of millionaires.

“Announce that you are a different person; take an oath that you can overcome all of the negative thinking and can emerge as a person with your original thoughts.

“Another thing that one must bear in mind is the kind of people you have in your network. Positive forces shall always motivate and encourage you to achieving positive results.”

Over the last 20 years, Arfeen has worked with some of the most celebrated names across the world including Hrithik Roshan and Anthony Robbins among others. He published his first book You Can You Will It's Your Choice and Where Will You Be in Five Years. 

Arfeen also hosts several seminars and workshops where he provides coaching around dealing with identity, boosting self-confidence and dealing with societal pressures and his upcoming book focusses on these subjects.

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