Britain’s future Queen gets a henna tattoo on her hand

Tuesday 13th March 2018 14:14 EDT

The pregnant Duchess of Cambridge has become the talk of the town again, after it was rumoured that she got a ‘tattoo’ during her recent visit to an arts hub in Sunderland. She and Prince William officially opened the new centre, which was formerly a fire station.

Pregnant with their third child, Kate, went with the flow and had some henna inked on the back of her palm, as she and William chatted with some young South Asian women from the charity Young Asian Voices.

It all happened as she became intrigued watching the youngsters displaying art from their Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cultural heritage. When the Princess was asked if she would like a henna drawing, she politely accepted.

18-year-old Shajida Begum who drew the henna design, created a beautiful floral pattern on the back of Kate’s hand featuring the bud of a blossoming flower. Flowers in henna actually symbolise joy and happiness, and a bud is often seen on the palms of newly-wed brides or soon-to-be mothers.

Kate then asked for advice on how to protect the tattoo from getting spoilt, to which she was told: "Just let it dry and it should be fine". Shajida also told her, "It will last a couple of days.” When Kate asked when she should wash it off, the proud henna artist said when it gets flakey. Kate was seen happily showing off the henna throughout the rest of the day, matching it well with her beautiful green dress. 

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