Being a daughter’s dad

Wednesday 25th March 2020 06:18 EDT

Raising children is one of the greatest joys. But this life-long experience does have its share of challenges. A common belief holds mothers in a better position to tackle the challenges of parenting than fathers. It is said the challenges get tougher for fathers raising daughters. So, what are the points a father of girl/s keep in mind as their beautiful relationship grows?

Always express your love for her

Your love and affection are paramount to the daughter. No matter what gifts you bring her, if your expression of love to her starts to fade, these things will be rendered meaningless. She will make mistakes and display irresponsible behaviour, but you must never turn your back to her. Rather, tell her you will always be there for her.

Be a man of good qualities

Father is the first man in the daughter’s life. The impression you have on her is there to last for life. So, make sure the impression is the good one. Your good qualities are what she may look for in her potential life partner. Thus, treating your wife well becomes all the more important. Spending some quality time with your wife is something your daughter would never mind, especially as she enters her teens.

Be a part of her hobbies

The generation gap will be there between you and the daughter. But building the bridge over it is your responsibility. You two may not share the same taste when it comes music, sports, clothes or friends, but not liking her likes isn’t the best option for you. Being part of her hobbies could be the first stepping stone to develop a mutual admiration club.

Grow up with her

This could be the most challenging part of your relationship. As a girl enters her teens and hits puberty, things and her moods change real quick. But she must not experience any changes in her dad with her increasing age. Discuss her problems related to boyfriends and periods just as you would done 5-7 years back about her teddies and neighbourhood friends. Remaining engaged is the key.

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