Steakhouse fined £50k for using wooden plates

Tuesday 09th January 2018 07:01 EST

Birmingham City Council has deemed wooden “plates” as a food poisoning risk after a the steakhouse, Ibrahim's Grill and Steak House was fined £50,000 as 14 diners fell ill.

The council brought a case against the steakhouse as it allegedly kept using wooden boards to serve food. The council even tweeted: “Wooden plates could pose a risk of food poisoning”.

Inspectors visited Acocks Green in October 2016, after 14 people were affected from food poisoning. There were many issues for concerns, including staff relying highly on disposable gloves rather than washing their hands, poor or inadequate cleaning of the premises and the use of wooden plates or boards, which are not capable of being cleaned.

The inspectors returned to the premises two months later and found that they were still using wooden plates. The company admitted to failing to comply to the hygiene notice and was given the hefty fine by Birmingham Magistrates' Court. 

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