India Needs to Protect Global Muslims – Because Muslims Won’t

Alpesh Patel Wednesday 17th October 2018 06:41 EDT

Thousands have over the years have marched in London against the deaths of Muslims in Gaza. Labour too will rightly raise this issue and that’s why they cannot understand what is and is not anti-Semitism.
This week Saudi Arabia was caught red handed in the murder of a Muslim journalist, who criticised the Islamic Republic of Saudi.
But why not the protests against the killing in Syria? There is not the same outrage. It was the West, not Turkey or Saudi Arabia that backed action in Syria. Or what about Muslim deaths in Bosnia – it was Nato jets protecting Muslims then.
Truly the concept of Islamic Brotherhood can be so so much more greater than this, to enforce the peace, that ‘Islam’ means around the world.
I recall my recent trip to a mosque where I wrote these words:
I prayed to a Hindu God today in a Mosque.
I prayed for the children of Syria being murdered and slaughtered and exterminated and eradicated by fellow Muslim Assad. Prove me seditious for praying to another God on behalf of the children of Islam, because their God has deserted them.
I prayed to Shiv, the destroyer, in your Mosque, that He may become death and the destroyer of worlds…the world of Assad.
What relevance that I am Indian? More Muslims reside in India than any other secular State – so it is that India has a responsibility to the world’s Muslims to show them secular liberal democracies will be their defender. It is a duty and opportunity both countries have yet to grasp. China has more Muslims than Syria, yet China fails to protect Syrian Muslim children. Russia has more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined – yet Russia too fails to protect Syrian Muslim children. So it is surely left to India.
So show us non-believers, ‘the evidence of truth, that you are all over the world and that it is not enough thy Lord is witness over all thing’s’ – but that you will save the children of your greater God.
When Pope Benedict visited this same Mosque I was in he said, ‘May all believers identify themselves with the one God and bear witness to true brotherhood.’ Tonight I bore witness as a believer in God, make me a believer in Islamic brotherhood.
Muslims outside Syria – you are your brother’s keeper. A Catholic has told you – a Pope no less, a Hindu commoner has told you – both from inside your own Mosque – when will the brotherhood of Islam tell you?

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