Alpesh Patel’s Political Sketchbook: Who’d Be A Politician?

Alpesh Patel Tuesday 06th September 2022 02:00 EDT

So it’s over. Liz is full of fizz as she is the winner, elected by 0.2% of the UK adult population (that’s 80,000 votes she got). President Xi is probably sniggering at the nature of democracy.


All such contests are bruising. It’s probably only for the independently wealthy or the unemployable or, wait for it, the true believer who wants to make the world better – don’t we all?


Would you do it?


For most of us, the idea of becoming a politician is terrifying. But why? There are many reasons why it's scary to put yourself forward for election, and we're going to help you figure them out. Let's get started!


Fear of putting yourself out there.


Being a politician means putting yourself out there and putting your beliefs on display for all to see. The fear of being judged can be a big one, especially if you’re an introvert. It's scary to put yourself out there and open yourself up to criticism, but it's also scary not to go for what you want in life because of that fear.


What I've learned is that it's OK to be afraid—that is part of being human! But don't let those fears stop you from doing what makes your heart sing and living the life you want when given the chance!


Fear of being judged by your past.


Let’s face it: when you enter the world of politics, there is no way to avoid being judged by your past. People will always look at what you have done in the past and use that as a basis for their evaluation of how well you would do in office. The truth is though, this is a very flawed method of judging someone. Truss had an affair, so did Boris, so did Trump (sue my Donald).


People are not defined by their past; they are defined by who they are right now and what they are doing with their lives moving forward. You can’t change the past but you can learn from it and move on to better things!


Fear of the media.


As a politician, you'll have to be careful about how you interact with the media. They can be a powerful force, and they can make or break your chances at winning an election.


The media has the power to be used for good or evil—they could use their influence to spread misinformation, or they could use it to spread truth.


Fear of family judgement.


Family members can be the harshest critics. They'll tell you what they think and then some, but they probably don't realize how much their words affect you.


Fear of being judged by your family: It's common to worry that your family will judge you for making this decision, but it's important to remember that they're human too—they might not understand why someone would want to become a politician. If this is something that concerns you, discuss it with them before jumping into the political world!


Fear of losing friends.


Some people are afraid they will lose a lot of friends if they become a politician. However, it's not that simple. If you're in politics, you can't please everyone and there will be times when you have to do things that make some people angry. It's just the nature of being in government work. You will have to make tough decisions and sacrifice things because sometimes it's best for the greater good of society or your country (or community). And if someone doesn't like these things about your job, then maybe they weren't really your friend anyway!


It is scary to put yourself forward for election but you can only do what you believe in.


The best advice I can give is – if you want it badly enough because of your beliefs, then nothing will stop you. Like anything in life.

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