Alpesh Patel’s Political Sketchbook: Ready for Rishi? Yes!

Alpesh Patel Wednesday 20th July 2022 14:31 EDT

I will be voting (yes I am eligible) in choosing effectively the next UK Prime Minister.

Ahhh democracy – the votes of a few hundred thousand – but at least it’s not the vote of one person on the Supreme Court as happened with the appointment of George W Bush as US President thanks to the case of Bush v Gore.

Back to the UK. Why Rishi? This is an honest not a gushing assessment.

Of the candidates, I feel the outlook of a youthful PM with an outlook to and experience of business, technology and venture capital is important. It’s investment which builds a country, not a magic money tree. Without business and investment there is no spending on benefits and NHS.

He as Chancellor did something few would have dared which is to borrow to spend. Now this was not in hindsight always efficient and cost-effective. But many would have said “it is not my job to feed your children”.

He speaks better and more coherently than the others. He speaks with more vision. This is opinion of course not something I can convince you of with data.

He is fiscally responsible – not for ideological reasons of harking to Thatcher – but because he understands countries like businesses and households have to be able to pay the bills.

But does he understand day to day struggles? He doesn’t live them. Which may be an advantage. There is a reason we don’t let victims of crime for instance set the compensation. We let detached judges balance the needs of society. Similarly, I don’t want someone being connected too closely to the problems needing solutions.

It’s why they don’t let doctors operate on their own children. Same principle. But I think he gets the moral obligation to the poor, to small businesses.

He is not ideologically against workers and unions. They serve a useful purpose do unions and they should be listened to and equally not allowed to call the shots. Rishi gets that.

Whilst he is ambitious, as clearly are they all, he seems to wear it better than the others. Perversely he is more British in that to my eye. Clearly you are thinking a biased eye.

I think he gets the importance of NHS but responsible spending. He gets people find it tough and he has a soft heart for that not “I made it, why can’t you?”.

This could be a complete Conservative who also reaches other parts of the country and more of Labour. Global in vision and not single issue (eg Defence – Mordaunt).

This is exciting for the UK. I feel in safer hands given the choices.

Like I said, not gushing. Just as objective as I can be. I am sure if you disagree, you will say biased. And if you agree, you will say ‘spot on’ and more.

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