Alpesh Patel’s Political Sketchbook: India’s Role on the World Stage Now

Alpesh Patel Monday 31st May 2021 12:03 EDT

As India focuses on Covid, we must look beyond the crisis to what can India look forward to?

What is the potential for India politically on the world stage? From its allies to the United Nations - what is the outlook for India?

India has a vibrant democracy unlike any other. The democratic process of India operates through an unwavering electoral system that ensures that any and all Indians can be elected to office.

India is also home to a majority of the world's poor, making it the perfect platform for influence among developing nations.

In addition, India is currently one of the largest exporter and importer partners in Asia, so its economic power will only continue to grow as it takes a larger role on the world stage.

India has a large number of allies in the United Nations as a result of its vast population and its democratic system.

India's participation in the United Nations is a vital part of its international influence. The country has been a member since 1947, making it one of the most historic members in the UN.

The U.N.'s role in protecting human rights and maintaining peace among nations is crucial, as well as giving India an opportunity to be on the leading edge of humanitarian issues that are either underdeveloped or underfunded around the world.

India's role on the world stage will continue to grow and nurture itself through these efforts. The country's potential on the world stage is huge.

India's national security is also an important factor in its future global influence. The nation has refused to sign a nuclear weapons agreement with the United States and maintains that nuclear technology should not be used for first use military applications, but instead should only be utilized for civilian purposes.

India's security policy is to maintain stability in the region, creating diplomatic relationships across the world and creating a sense of equality with its allies. It maintains good relationships with Russia. India has been working on keeping a positive relationship with Russia since the Cold War, but since 2009 relations have become extremely close, leading to an agreement for cooperation on civilian nuclear energy.

India has also enjoyed a close relationship with China since 1950, but their relations have begun to deteriorate in recent years over border issues – and today probably at a low point since the 1960s. This however coincides with the deterioration of relations with most democracies and China since Covid.

India's economy is also one of the largest in the world. The country has a large population and a strong middle class, but it has also developed strong leadership. The Indian government is sure to continue to develop as it continues its role on the world stage.

India has not only benefited from its inclusion in the World Trade Organization, but it has also experienced great economic growth as a result of this inclusion.

The World Trade Organization is designed to promote global commerce and ensure that all international trade is efficient and fair. This includes encouraging transparency and access between countries for business interests, which raises demand for goods, which in turn raises standards of living across the board.

Trade brings soft power and again potential influence for India. One day, Covid will be long behind us, and India’s trajectory upwards resume.

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