Alpesh Patel’s Political Sketchbook: I Fully Expect to Be Attacked For This

Alpesh Patel – British, Indian, Hindu Wednesday 24th November 2021 01:45 EST

The Home Secretary as proscribed as a terrorist organisation Hamas. All of it. No longer parts of it. She especially highlighted their anti-Semitic rhetoric. I fully support her. For that, and for supporting these views of hers, I full expect to be attacked by the Left, by the blindly anti-Semitic, by apologists of terrorism, by those who simply don’t like Hindus. I await – but mark my words.

Hamas is the greatest threat to a Palestinian State. Do you think if Hamas were the ruling party of India that India would have got Statehood? No, when your ruling ideology is hatred of another religion and their destruction, then you cannot be conceded to, you cannot be pacified.

People won’t say it. They weep for poor Palestinian children, as they should, but Hamas does not. Priti Patel was right. Boy, am I going to get vitriol for that. And I think I know where I will get the hate from.

After all it was the Labour Party leaflet in the Batley election showing PMs of India and UK with the undertone that you shouldn’t therefore vote Conservative as they are friendly with Indian and Hindu is clear.

I remember in a Politics class at Oxford my tutor showed me an election leaflet from a renowned right wing Senator with a white hand helping a black hand and he asked me what I thought.

I said, well he could be speaking of unity and a helping hand. He made it clear what ‘dog-whistle’ politics is. Where you pretend you’re not saying what any sensible person knows what you are.

Division, sectarianism is to be loathed. I’ve seen angry Khalistanis attack me on social media because I disagree with their celebrating the murder of an unarmed woman (Indira Gandhi). That I disagreed with their desire for a Caliphate – Khaliphate. I don’t like theocracies. I like plural democracies. The se ISIS mimics want a country. God help us.

I believe in a world where the best in all our faiths brings us forward as one humanity, not dog-whistling to division to incite hatred based on what your great great great grand-dad did to mine. There is enough of that.

I’ve met Tony Blair, Robin Cook, Patricia Hewitt – Labour MP’s from an era when they could win elections. Little wonder that by the time of the next General election, the last Labour leader to win an election before the last one would have been half a century ago. (Harold Wilson in case you’re wondering, before Blair).

Anyway, go ahead hate me for being British, Indian, Hindu, Liberal, Democrat who does not like terrorism apologising, anti-Semitic, Hamas and IRA supporting numpties who look on the Russian Revolution with nostalgia.

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