Ed Sheeran, Andrea Bocelli and Navin Kundra switch languages on ‘Perfect’

Monday 18th December 2017 05:48 EST

Ed Sheeran is pulling out all the stops to make Christmas No 1 this year with his single, ‘Perfect’. The song was released back in March 2017 on the smash hit album ‘Divide’ and was re-released with a duet version featuring Beyonce catapulting the song straight to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

“It’s just a beautiful song and I remember listening to it when it came out thinking this is just an amazing piece of music which is going to touch hearts all over the world. It was only after I heard the duet version with Beyonce that I decided I wanted to cover it because I heard it in a different way”, explained Navin.

Following his last heart stopping Hindi Mix Cover of John Legend’s “All Of Me”, Navin gave ‘Perfect’ a beautiful touch of Hindi which is now capturing hearts all over the world. “Whenever I sang the song, I kept hearing Hindi words because it’s such a beautiful and poetic language, so I wrote a whole new verse in that language and people are really showing it love”, said Navin.

It turns out that Navin isn’t the only one who had the idea to cover the song in another language as Ed Sheeran himself collaborated with legendary opera singer Andrea Bocelli for the Symphony version of ‘Perfect’ with a verse in Italian which he released today.

“I think it goes to show that you can’t hold a beautiful song down even months after it’s release, and sometimes
it can be enough to inspire other artists to get creative with cover versions and collaborations, be it changing the
language, instrumentation or vocal delivery. I really hope Ed Sheeran makes Christmas No 1 this year – he truly
deserves it!”, smiled Navin. He added, “Thank you to everyone who has heard, liked and shared my cover
version of “Perfect” – please keep sharing it with your loved ones!”

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