Sima Taparia addresses criticism of her matchmaking failures on ‘Indian Matchmaking’

Wednesday 09th August 2023 08:35 EDT

Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia became a household name with the release of the Netflix reality show ‘Indian Matchmaking.’ She recently reacted to criticism about her success rate on the show. Many have pointed out her inability to find a suitable partner for even one of the contestants on the show.
Sima said, “If it would have been a fake show, I would have gotten everyone married in a day. Only because it is a reality show, this cannot happen.” She shared the show is shot for just five months and it is not possible to get someone married in such a short duration. The matchmaker added, “Now if you say that marriages should happen in five months…everyone who is criticising the show is stupid. Paanch mahine mein shaadi kaise hogi? (How can someone get married in five months?)”
Earlier, Sima had said that the purpose of ‘Indian Matchmaking’ was only to showcase how marriages happen in India. Reacting to her success rate on the show, she said, “The goal of the show was to show the process of Indian matchmaking to the world. In five months, how do you think it is possible that everyone will get married? If I was God, I would have matched three successful couples every day. But I am not. And since it’s a reality show, the success rate is very low because everything is real.”
Meanwhile, Taparia’s matchmaking business has grown manifold, courtesy of the popularity of the show. Sima shared how she received bio-data from many prospective brides and grooms after the show’s first season premiered on Netflix during the coronavirus-induced lockdown.

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