Raiza Wilson seeks £100,000 in botched dermatology case

Wednesday 28th April 2021 07:32 EDT

Tamil actor Raiza Wilson has filed a formal complaint against her dermatologist Dr Bairavi Senthil for allegedly risking her life with a “wrongful procedure” and sought pound 100,000 in damages. The actress released a statement in which she said the doctor suggested “wrong treatments” to her with the purpose of extorting money.

“Hello, I consider Medical Practitioner yields humanitarian service to the public rather than extorting money from innocent people through false advertisement and promotion. Further, Doctors extorting money by claiming more than that prescribed by the medical rules from innocent people would also be unlawful. Finally, a doctor must respond to her patient’s request for assistance in an emergency, and the patient must not be neglected,” she wrote.

“I approached Dr Bhairavi Senthil based on her advertisement on various social platforms to perform certain cosmetology procedures. I have been suggested wrong treatments by Dr Bhairavi and her staff from the beginning of the consultation only to extort money. Also, I have been denied emergency treatment by by the doctor while my life was at threat due to their procedure. The shreds of evidence available to me (including a doctor examination) clearly shows that I am a victim of a wrongful procedure conducted by Dr Bhairavi. Hence an apology is ‘Untoward’,” she added.

The doctor shared her side of the story on social media. She claimed that Raiza underwent such procedures in the past too, without any complaints, “but after the treatment in the last occasion on 16/4/2021 had developed bruises as minor side effects, which shall appear in selective or rare cases, if the precautions and medical advice is not strictly followed.”

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