This Christmas another Royal is born…

Vallisa Chauhan Thursday 19th December 2019 07:49 EST

Genre: RomCom

Duration: 85 minutes

This festive season, if you are alone and planning to binge on Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and make the most of your Netflix subscription then “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby Is Born!” is your go to movie. Rose Mclver and Ben Lamb have come together in the third of the series set in Aldovia. An ancient curse, a royal baby (Kate Middleton's still expecting), a marriage proposal; a recipe for a perfect royal romance. The twist? They are introducing the future King or Queen to the throne, the Royal Baby.

Queen Amber or Aldovia is never ready to hang up her journalistic shoes and it is no different this time either even if she is heavily pregnant. Amber and Richard are getting ready to take some time off in preparation for the arrival of their first born, but before that they must conduct one last important duty. The King and Queen of neighbouring Penglia have come over to visit and they must complete the signing of a historical treaty dating back to 1419. This treaty is key for the two countries to live in peace and harmony. But during the course of their visit the treaty goes missing and it must be found and signed before the stroke of midnight on Christmas Eve. Otherwise the two countries would have to declare a state of war dating back 600 years. All the royals seem to be getting on well whilst looking for the treaty however, there is tension as they must find it in time.

When films are franchises and near the third instalment they can start getting a little lost and feeling very tedious. Although they have tried to maintain the standards from the first two films it has not managed this. Yes, there is suspense when trying to find out who stole the treaty and why but apart from that it comes across very cheesy, as if the scenes that were not in the trailer were just put there to pad out the rest of the film.

It is a good film to watch if you have watched all the other Christmas films and just need something to fill your time. However, you may be disappointed if you make it your soul Christmas movie that should cheer you up and kick your festivities off to a great start. One thing that can be said is that watching the snow fall in Aldovia you will start praying for snow to fall and look as pretty as it does in the film.

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